Isang Malugod na Pagbati sa UP

Noong nasa kolehiyo pa ako, madalas na binabahagi sa akin ng isa kong kaibigan ang mga kuwentong pag-ibig mula sa peyups website. Laging may kurot sa puso ang bawat kuwento – at isa sa dahilan nito ang aking paghanga sa UP.

Bata pa lang kasi ako, sinabi ko na sa aking sarili na sa UP ako papasok para sa kolehiyo. Sa kasamaang-palad, hindi ako pumasa at nilasap ko na lang ang mga kwentong binabahagi sa akin mula sa Peyups, ang tugtugin ng Eraserheads at ang pagkain namin sa mga kilalang lugar sa kanilang campus, tulad ng Mang Larry’s at Chocolate Kiss. Sila at UST lang ang pinapalakpakan ko tuwing Cheerdance Competition.
Naging masaya na rin ako at napamahal sa aking pamantasang aking pinasukan, kaya ba hindi ko na ninais na lumipat sa UP. Pero nanatili pa rin ang paghanga ko sa UP, lalo na sa kanyang sariling kultura. Ngayong nagta-trabaho na ako, tuwang-tuwa akong makakilala ng Isko at Iska at sinasabi ko talaga sa kanila ang aking paghanga sa kanilang paaralan.
Kapag nagkaroon ako ng anak, pagdadasal ko at sisikapin kong makapasok sila dun. (Kung gusto lang nila – pero medyo malayo pa yun :p)
Ngayon, matapos ang ilang taon, nanalo ang UP sa UAAP Men’s Senior Basketball at muling lumabas ang pagkahanga ko sa kanila dahil sa malugod at masaya nilang pagtanggap sa panalong ito.
Binabati ko uli ang UP sa kanilang pagpanalo! Tulad ng NU, makakaahon rin kayo. Mas maganda naman talaga na mas maraming naghahamunan sa ligang ito kaysa iilan.
Nawa’y magharap kayo ng aking pamantasan sa finals sa mga susunod na taon. (Magharap lang kasi kami pa rin ang mananalo) 😀

Setbacks and Moving Forward

Setbacks Help You Move Forward

Image from Learn NC

As in anything in life, organizations go through ups and downs. And what makes an organization strong, and what makes it leadership work is the organization and its people’s capability to withstand major challenges and rise up from difficulties.

Numerous books, articles and talks have discussed the power of positive thinking in helping organizations and businesses reach success. Thinking positively and moving progressively is most important after going through certain setbacks, let’s say, incurring losses after a failed business deal, product recalls and legal crisis. To start, it is important to ask questions that lead to forward movement, such as, “What lessons have we learned from this experience?” and “How are we to apply these lessons?”

The first question reflects the bright side of even the worst types of setbacks. It tells us that setbacks don’t render ourselves, our people or our organization hopeless. It can make us better. A setback could just be the rubber string on a slingshot pointed upward, that pulls us back a bit, but then propels us to greater heights. I also believe that setbacks don’t just happen because of operational or organizational mistakes. There’s a deeper reason for the occurrence of setbacks, and personally, I ultimately believe it’s that Being (in my case, the Christian God), putting us through them to make us into better creations.

The second question reflects our ability to become better by following through and living out the lessons learned. It tells us that we can make the most out of anything, and move with considerable and logical speed to bring ourselves and/or our organizations to greater heights that where we were, complete with wisdom.

Where we land and stabilize ourselves is up to how much we fix ourselves to become a better organization, or person. With the help of God, of course.

What setbacks have helped you and/or your organization become so much better? I’d be glad to hear from you.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Excitement Begets More Excitement

The Key to Happiness is Excitement for the Future  (image: wordsoverpixels)

The Key to Happiness is Excitement for the Future (image: wordsoverpixels)

As I lay to sleep on my bed last night, I thanked God for the many awesome things happening around me and the world and the meaningful content I get from media, from our current projects to the developments in the Catholic community to the many thought-provoking articles on Relevant, Inc., and Linkedin I’ve read in the past months. I slept after reading through a few inspirational materials. I noticed that whenever I think or read about good thoughts, I wake up a lot better.

Thinking about and talking about the positive experiences you have and will get and new knowledge you’ve acquired begets more excitement in life. The more you are excited about life, the more life will give you reasons to be excited and the higher the chances are to be happy. I remember how my excitement over 2 projects almost a month ago lead to the acquisition of more clients. This is something that I’ve personally experienced also with friends. When we talk about the good things, then our conversations turn better and more great things happen to us.

So for whatever good that is coming to your life now, get excited and for sure, many greater things will happen!

Dealing with Negativity (People, Thoughts, Behavior)

I, for one, am a very very critical person when it comes to social issues. Issues like gender inequality, discrimination among religions, oppression of the economically-marginalized, crass elitism/conservatism, corruption and crime among politicians, and lastly, the inability of a government to truly govern rile me up. I want a better society for my fellowmen and women, and a better world. This is why I post my views on these issues on various social networks. This is also why I like it when I hear of news or see images that address these issues – stuff that help me remain hopeful in humanity like these:

Christians Protecting Muslims during Prayer Time in Egypt

Jesse Robredo’s brand of governance continues to inspire after he has gone.

But social issues are not the issue. The issue is more personal in nature. It is negativity per se, driven not by any social ill, but driven by a person or persons’ past experiences, current frustrations and fears of the future. So how do we deal with negative people, negative thoughts and negative behavior?

  • Negative people may be others, or may be us. I admit that I let social issues get to me too personally before, and that I had been hard on myself before. Two experiences this year lead me to become a more positive and better person.  One was my discovery of what is called “The Law of Attraction”, a concept made famous by the book “The Secret”. Thinking abundantly did a lot for me in terms of career and personal life. It lead me to finally rearrange my room and even revive this blog. Second is when I renewed and strengthened my spirituality by basing it on the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification by the Lutheran World Federation and Catholic Church. By affirming Jesus Christ’s saving grace as a Catholic and thereby living out the good, inclusive values taught by the Protestant and Catholic Churches, I have learned to love Jesus Christ and build a closer relationship with Him by constantly thanking Him for everything, even for the challenges in life from which He helps me pull through.  Abundant and gratitude-filled thoughts, gratitude prayers and even a gratitude book helped me become a better, more positive person. All these helped me become a positive person and curb negative thoughts. Having this “attitude of gratitude” has worked for me and so many people – spiritual or not, so you can try it out.

  • The other people I’m talking about range from those who are selfish and want only themselves recognized, to those who do not believe in our capabilities down to those who are downright jealous. There are also people who enjoy talking negatively about others.  Humanity is not perfect, and many of us have been downright judgmental or enjoyed talking and listening to gossip. But there are others who seem to really thrive on speaking badly about others. I’ve learned to deal with these people in two ways, by changing the subject, or by consciously distancing myself from them. Changing the subject worked a lot. By sensing that the conversation has turned positive or productive, the other party or parties involved.  Praying for them also helped me too. For those who deliberately put people down, I’ve learned that being understanding, patient to them and in being direct yet gentle have also helped. In doing so, you can actually focus on improving yourself or maintaining the good that you’ve been getting.

That’s all I can share for now. Share to me your thoughts and experiences on how you are overcoming or overcame negativity.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Positive Thinking and Enlightenment

One of the things that I learned is that positive thinking brings about enlightenment, and allows for dreams to come to fruition. Clearing your mind of anxieties and worries allows for a person to think things through – including mistakes and negative experiences – and come up with solutions, or at the very least a mindset that tells the self that things will get better. By having a positive and forward-thinking mindset, tasks and challenges are faced and solved easily.

Like in an earlier blog post, I had mentioned the importance of being analytic and critical of our surroundings. Sometimes though, we just get caught up in it too much and fall for the romanticism being part of the counter-culture and the struggle towards professionalism, and political correctness, that we get stuck and forget how to move towards addressing the problems and the fact that even if things aren’t perfect in this world, many things are still good (those are those though, who think implementing solutions is too mainstream – I’ll probably write something on that when I have lots more time).

An example of a good thing amidst the sociopolitical crisis here in the Philippines is the Million People March. Despite the people’s criticisms against the government and pronouncements that the Philippines will never rise again, despite the reality of expert con artists scamming the nation 10 billion pesos worth of taxes, and despite the pretentiousness among some circles when it comes to the arts (ehem hipsters ehem), I saw a people determined enough to unite and change the system, musicians who dished out their songs with much gusto and no care about what other people say and think or if they were “obscure enough” to be called cool.

In general, positive thinking and action bring about needed change. For every problematic business deal, there is a solution to make the deal work or a better business deal that replaces it. For every failed career choice, is an opportunity for someone to live his/her/their passion. For every relationship that didn’t work out, is another chance for love and friendship to bloom again.

Cliches exist because they do happen, and though the quote “for every dark cloud is a silver lining” , is so worn out and cheesy, we still say it or are relieved when we hear it. That’s because at the end of the day, we know that being a positive thinker is a possibility, and that with positive thinking, we win in life.

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