The 2013 Philippine Bar Exam Passers

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the 2013 Philippine Bar Exam Passers!

The names on the list below are the names of people I knew back in high school (batchmates), college (coursemates, blockmates, org mates) and knew through friends who moved on to study law. The names are written exactly the way they were posted on the website:

63. ANGANGCO, Bernadette Marie G
69. ANTONIO, Angela A
147. BAUTISTA, Maria Francesca V
191. BUNAG, Jan Nicklaus S
258. CHATTO, II, Efren Dominique M
363. DIAZ, Rona April D
429. FERMIN, Doreen Grace R
440. FORTEA, Natassia L
571. LAGASCA, Marianne Franchesca Therese S
591. LAURON, Diana Margaret C
596. LAYNO, Ian Abelle P
1065. TEE, Divine Grace C
1089. TORRES, Jose Carlos S

For the full list, please visit this link. According to the Supreme Court, out of 5,293 that took the exam in October 2013, 22.18% or 1,174 examinees passed. Of the topnotchers, 5 came from University of the Philippines Law, 2 came from Ateneo Law, 1 came from San Beda, one from University of Batangas, one from University of Cebu and one from University of San Carlos.

Congratulations to everyone who passed!


Lessons from University Long After Graduation

Amidst the everyday traffic chaos, the pushing and squeezing in the rail transit stations, the general feeling of frustration brought about poor national governance and corruption and other worries and disappointments came messages of hope from the university I graduated from – messages that I used to hear on a daily basis before that gave me so much optimism, but are rarely heard now, save for the occasional homily given by a Jesuit priest. These are the messages that I’ve longed to hear.

2014-02-19 Women Leaders In the Footsteps of St. Ignatius 1

These messages of hope from this evening’s of testimonials entitled “Women Leaders: In the Footsteps of St. Ignatius” which is part of “40 Years Half the Sky: Celebrating Co-Education in Ateneo de Manila”, a campaign celebrating the presence and contribution of women in the university. Ateneo first opened its doors to women in 1973 and now women slightly outnumber the men. The women spoke about how Ignatian values and spirituality are making an impact on their lives.

2014-02-19 Women Leaders In the Footsteps of St. Ignatius 1

Ateneo President Father Jett Villarin gives the Opening Remarks

The women leaders who spoke were CHED Chairperson Dr. Patricia Licuanan, Filinvest Development Corporation President and CEO Josephine Gotianun-Yap ad Rags II Riches Founder and Director Reese Fernandez – Ruiz.

2014-02-19 Women Leaders In the Footsteps of St. Ignatius 3

Dr. Patricia Licuanan, Chair of the Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED)

Dr. Licuanan shared lessons on balancing one’s career with a rich and relaxed personal life, balancing leadership, the zest for change and courage with management, systems and prudence and being a voice of hope by finding comfort in advocacies and reforms and even afflicting people’s comfort zones.

2014-02-19 Women Leaders In the Footsteps of St. Ignatius 4

Josephine Gotianun-Yap, Filinvest Development Corporation and Filinvest Land Inc. President and CEO

Josephine Gotianun – Yap shared that in business, having a sense of responsibility and vision trumps power. In business you have to set a moral tone which will guide the mission, vision and general operational direction of the company.

2014-02-19 Women Leaders In the Footsteps of St. Ignatius 6

Reese Fernandez Ruiz, President and Co-Founder, Rags2Riches (with Monch, and Dan and Bem in the photo)

Finally, Reese Fernandez – Ruiz shared that being more reflective or in her words – “disturbed” – has helped in her growth as an individual and how it has helped grow her social enterprise, Rags2Riches. Her testimonial actually hit home because I actually went through what she went through. Like her, I prepared a plan on how to be rich and successful and life, and found myself deviating from the plan after encountering prisoners from Bilibid, having an internship in UNICEF, volunteering for a non-government organization, working for another non-government organization and having the heart for development and business. Her questions struck me and her answers pretty much validated the path I’m taking now. Her parting words to the audience were, “Never stop asking ‘Why?'”.

I’ve actually stopped asking myself that after graduation. From my short healthcare stint post-graduation and in my business and development sector career now, I’ve never really asked. I just kept going, and feeling and knowing it’s the right way to go.

On my way home, I found myself asking myself “Why am I doing what I am doing?”.

And after 7 years of exploring the world through healthcare, education, development and marketing, I now have answer.

The New Compañeros and Compañeras

The 2011 bar exam results were released yesterday, at 2:00 PM. After much anticipation, I was delighted to know that many, many of my friends passed! To all of you new compañeros and compañeras, congratulations and good luck on your careers in the legal and judicial landscape!

Here are the names of some of my high school (batch 2003) and university (batch 2007) batchmates whom I know who passed:

31 . ABU, Christine Joy A.
115 . ANDRES, Diane Angeli S.
121 . ANGELES, Enrico Errol D.
152 . ARCILLA, Broderick C.
157 . AREVALO, Ma. Donna V.
235 . BALOIS, Edgardo Roman Manuel C.
237 . BALUYOT, Jose Marie M.
283 . BELLO, Diana Lyn B.
294 . BERNABE, III, Ricardo P.
478 . CORDON, Francesse Joy J.
531 . DAVID, Maria Samantha V.
558 . DE LA CUESTA, Joseph Roman D.
655 . DUHAYLONGSOD, Jose Maria B.
715 . EUSTAQUIO, Ma. Anna Katrina C.
745 . FLORES, Sienna A.
789 . GARCIA, Fatima C.
797 . GARCIA, III, Placido O.
845 . GREGORIO, Joseph Alenn R.
902 . ILAGAN, Miguel Narciso A.
973 . LAMARCA, Justine Anne L.
1044 . LO, Vicente Carlos S.
1084 . MABAGOS, JR., Roberto D.
1123 . MALLILLIN, Victor Paul E.
1243 . MORAL, Christina Alma M.
1314 . OMPOC, Javin Dominic G.
1400 . PAULINO, Lex A.
1422 . PEÑA, Charisse B.
1573 . ROSALES, Maria Luisa Isabel L.
1736 . TAMAYAO, Katrina Bianca T.
1813 . UY, Jean Marie L.
1890 . YANO, Julius A.
1905 . ZABLAN, Miguel Antonio G.

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