The Child-Woman

People who see me for the first time initially think of me as a child, or at most a teenager, thanks to my maternal genomes. It works both ways. Many are filled with delight when they learn that I am beyond the age that they’ve originally thought of, while others find it humorous. I appreciate these reactions either way.

Like a child, I am easily amused with anything that has bright colors, shiny or loud. I laugh boisterously and react loudly. I find myself dominating conversations on light-hearted ideas and topics, like classic local showbiz or the latest online viral video or meme-generated joke. I am literally a chatterbox – when I’m with anyone, I finish my food last because I talk way too much. My room defines organized chaos. At least here at home.

Yet I am not really a child, I am a woman. I stay true to classics whether in clothing, movies or music, though K-Pop has a special place in my heart. I have found ways to keep myself quiet and listen when needed, and react as honestly as possible based on my beliefs and convictions, in the most diplomatic way that I can. I can talk lengthily on matters such as education governance, new forms of activism, national political dynamics, culture, identity, global politics and international law.

I am a Child. I am a Woman.


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