Choosing Your Battles Wisely

When we are uncomfortable with thoughts, words and actions inconsistent to our beliefs, it’s either we choose to keep our thoughts to ourselves, or we voice out our disagreements until our throats become sore.

I’m the type that would voice my own opinion, rather than keep it to myself. I also made the mistake of thinking that being opinionated means being correct. So many times did I think that shoving my beliefs on politics, gender equality, racial equality and acceptance of various faiths down others’ minds was correct.  If someone thought otherwise, I felt like I had the moral obligation to correct them in a strong, determined voice, and rid the world of every type of oppression. If they disagreed, I immediately thought that their thinking was the reason why humanity has failed to be human.

I have always thought that if everyone was politically correct and liberal in thinking, then life would be a lot better. I hold true to that belief. Yet I have also learned to not fight it out every time until someone concedes to my side. I have learned to keep quiet, understand another person’s history and reasons for holding onto such beliefs, respect their preferences, and am finding ways to engage them better for the good of all.

It’s a challenge, but through choosing the battles I wish to fight, and by learning to engage people in the conflicts I chose, it has made me feel more relaxed, calm and well, happy. I’ve also learned how great this has been to me in terms of maintaining good relationships. Overall it’s a good thing for me.

How about you? Did picking battles work for you?

Thanks again for reading my post! Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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One response to “Choosing Your Battles Wisely

  1. “picking battles”.. i don’t know..
    but when the moment affords to be clear in your opinion like for topics described on top, yes indeed.
    I think it always depends on the persons mentality and how important it is for them to go forward telling their opinion.


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