Setbacks and Moving Forward

Setbacks Help You Move Forward

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As in anything in life, organizations go through ups and downs. And what makes an organization strong, and what makes it leadership work is the organization and its people’s capability to withstand major challenges and rise up from difficulties.

Numerous books, articles and talks have discussed the power of positive thinking in helping organizations and businesses reach success. Thinking positively and moving progressively is most important after going through certain setbacks, let’s say, incurring losses after a failed business deal, product recalls and legal crisis. To start, it is important to ask questions that lead to forward movement, such as, “What lessons have we learned from this experience?” and “How are we to apply these lessons?”

The first question reflects the bright side of even the worst types of setbacks. It tells us that setbacks don’t render ourselves, our people or our organization hopeless. It can make us better. A setback could just be the rubber string on a slingshot pointed upward, that pulls us back a bit, but then propels us to greater heights. I also believe that setbacks don’t just happen because of operational or organizational mistakes. There’s a deeper reason for the occurrence of setbacks, and personally, I ultimately believe it’s that Being (in my case, the Christian God), putting us through them to make us into better creations.

The second question reflects our ability to become better by following through and living out the lessons learned. It tells us that we can make the most out of anything, and move with considerable and logical speed to bring ourselves and/or our organizations to greater heights that where we were, complete with wisdom.

Where we land and stabilize ourselves is up to how much we fix ourselves to become a better organization, or person. With the help of God, of course.

What setbacks have helped you and/or your organization become so much better? I’d be glad to hear from you.

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4 responses to “Setbacks and Moving Forward

  1. Thanks for sharing. I agree on your points.
    Actually, I recently published something on the same topic: “Why do we fall?”
    It is a post that is connected to Batman and the question how to overcome setbacks.
    Have a look and let me know what you think.

    To me personally, I just have to find a way to get over setbacks. No matter how. Maybe being persistent would fit the most to me.


  2. jamestollefson

    Great post.


  3. Hi! Thanks for your comment! I agree that being persistent is a great way to get over setbacks, especially in an entrepreneurial setting. Being persistent makes us stronger. In business we may face the same types of setbacks, although with different intensities. If we can learn to get over small setbacks, then eventually we will learn to address and get over larger ones and be able to manage ourselves well – however small or large the challenge may be.


  4. Salamat, James!

    *Salamat is Filipino/Tagalog for thank you.


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