Excitement Begets More Excitement

The Key to Happiness is Excitement for the Future  (image: wordsoverpixels)

The Key to Happiness is Excitement for the Future (image: wordsoverpixels)

As I lay to sleep on my bed last night, I thanked God for the many awesome things happening around me and the world and the meaningful content I get from media, from our current projects to the developments in the Catholic community to the many thought-provoking articles on Relevant, Inc., and Linkedin I’ve read in the past months. I slept after reading through a few inspirational materials. I noticed that whenever I think or read about good thoughts, I wake up a lot better.

Thinking about and talking about the positive experiences you have and will get and new knowledge you’ve acquired begets more excitement in life. The more you are excited about life, the more life will give you reasons to be excited and the higher the chances are to be happy. I remember how my excitement over 2 projects almost a month ago lead to the acquisition of more clients. This is something that I’ve personally experienced also with friends. When we talk about the good things, then our conversations turn better and more great things happen to us.

So for whatever good that is coming to your life now, get excited and for sure, many greater things will happen!


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