A Job You Love

Work forms a large part of life, and so it is a really great thing when you have passion for what you are doing professionally. Here are some indicators that you love your job:

  1. You share to people about the great things that happened at work. Big or small, you recount your positive experiences to your friends, family and even co-workers. Whether it be having 5 pitches in a week, closing a deal successfully with a new client, implementing a project for a cause that you feel strongly about, interviewing your childhood idol, or getting more hits than you expected on your blog or website, you share them to those who are close to you. There is always a cause for celebration.

  2. You are happy with the people and the work environment. In one of my earlier blog posts, I wrote about having less gossip when one is working from home. To not gossip is even more challenging in a “traditional” office, and so you know that you are enjoying your job when foregoing gossiping about others comes easy to you. You don’t even to suppress it, it just doesn’t happen.

  3. You find ways to learn more and make it better. Online journal or magazine articles, books, training sessions and seminars, and further studies are some of the ways that a person can learn more about what he or she is doing, and how he or she can improve himself or herself. If you find yourself reading materials or signing up for training seminars even without your superiors telling you to do so, then you are on the right track. You are allowing yourself to grow and that is always awesome.

  4. You work towards goals and create solutions rather than complain. A person happy with his or her work is a goal-oriented person, and this goal stretches beyond his or herself. You know you’re happy with your job when you try to reach that goal, rather than whine about the little details that form the bigger picture. And this is most true when things aren’t going the way things have been planned. You are calm rather than panicky. You assess and try to find ways to solve the issues at hand until things are ironed out. You also seek help when it is needed. You do everything to make things at work, well work.

  5. You think more about the organization and its goals, rather than about yourself. You honestly think more about what the company will get as a whole. You think more about your team. It’s not that you forget about yourself but rather you think that as you accomplish your goals as a team, you can achieve your own personal career goals in the process.

  6. You feel fulfilled. You may come home tired from the day’s work (especially after commuting on the streets of Metro Manila or via the LRT/MRT, but you don’t feel drained. You still feel great and thankful.

To everyone who’s reading and who can relate, congratulations for doing something you love! And to those can’t yet – seek for a job you’ll love and I’m sure you’ll find it.

Thanks for reading my post!


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2 responses to “A Job You Love

  1. Hi Aisa. I love that you used the John Ruskin quipple to accompany this post, as well as what you wrote about finding a job that you love. ps–I feel lucky that I love what I do. :]


  2. Thanks Traci! It’s the first time I came across that quote, and your illustrations, so it was a double delightful discovery for me. Keep up the good work!


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