Dealing with Negativity (People, Thoughts, Behavior)

I, for one, am a very very critical person when it comes to social issues. Issues like gender inequality, discrimination among religions, oppression of the economically-marginalized, crass elitism/conservatism, corruption and crime among politicians, and lastly, the inability of a government to truly govern rile me up. I want a better society for my fellowmen and women, and a better world. This is why I post my views on these issues on various social networks. This is also why I like it when I hear of news or see images that address these issues – stuff that help me remain hopeful in humanity like these:

Christians Protecting Muslims during Prayer Time in Egypt

Jesse Robredo’s brand of governance continues to inspire after he has gone.

But social issues are not the issue. The issue is more personal in nature. It is negativity per se, driven not by any social ill, but driven by a person or persons’ past experiences, current frustrations and fears of the future. So how do we deal with negative people, negative thoughts and negative behavior?

  • Negative people may be others, or may be us. I admit that I let social issues get to me too personally before, and that I had been hard on myself before. Two experiences this year lead me to become a more positive and better person.  One was my discovery of what is called “The Law of Attraction”, a concept made famous by the book “The Secret”. Thinking abundantly did a lot for me in terms of career and personal life. It lead me to finally rearrange my room and even revive this blog. Second is when I renewed and strengthened my spirituality by basing it on the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification by the Lutheran World Federation and Catholic Church. By affirming Jesus Christ’s saving grace as a Catholic and thereby living out the good, inclusive values taught by the Protestant and Catholic Churches, I have learned to love Jesus Christ and build a closer relationship with Him by constantly thanking Him for everything, even for the challenges in life from which He helps me pull through.  Abundant and gratitude-filled thoughts, gratitude prayers and even a gratitude book helped me become a better, more positive person. All these helped me become a positive person and curb negative thoughts. Having this “attitude of gratitude” has worked for me and so many people – spiritual or not, so you can try it out.

  • The other people I’m talking about range from those who are selfish and want only themselves recognized, to those who do not believe in our capabilities down to those who are downright jealous. There are also people who enjoy talking negatively about others.  Humanity is not perfect, and many of us have been downright judgmental or enjoyed talking and listening to gossip. But there are others who seem to really thrive on speaking badly about others. I’ve learned to deal with these people in two ways, by changing the subject, or by consciously distancing myself from them. Changing the subject worked a lot. By sensing that the conversation has turned positive or productive, the other party or parties involved.  Praying for them also helped me too. For those who deliberately put people down, I’ve learned that being understanding, patient to them and in being direct yet gentle have also helped. In doing so, you can actually focus on improving yourself or maintaining the good that you’ve been getting.

That’s all I can share for now. Share to me your thoughts and experiences on how you are overcoming or overcame negativity.

Thanks for reading my blog!


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