Positive Thinking and Enlightenment

One of the things that I learned is that positive thinking brings about enlightenment, and allows for dreams to come to fruition. Clearing your mind of anxieties and worries allows for a person to think things through – including mistakes and negative experiences – and come up with solutions, or at the very least a mindset that tells the self that things will get better. By having a positive and forward-thinking mindset, tasks and challenges are faced and solved easily.

Like in an earlier blog post, I had mentioned the importance of being analytic and critical of our surroundings. Sometimes though, we just get caught up in it too much and fall for the romanticism being part of the counter-culture and the struggle towards professionalism, and political correctness, that we get stuck and forget how to move towards addressing the problems and the fact that even if things aren’t perfect in this world, many things are still good (those are those though, who think implementing solutions is too mainstream – I’ll probably write something on that when I have lots more time).

An example of a good thing amidst the sociopolitical crisis here in the Philippines is the Million People March. Despite the people’s criticisms against the government and pronouncements that the Philippines will never rise again, despite the reality of expert con artists scamming the nation 10 billion pesos worth of taxes, and despite the pretentiousness among some circles when it comes to the arts (ehem hipsters ehem), I saw a people determined enough to unite and change the system, musicians who dished out their songs with much gusto and no care about what other people say and think or if they were “obscure enough” to be called cool.

In general, positive thinking and action bring about needed change. For every problematic business deal, there is a solution to make the deal work or a better business deal that replaces it. For every failed career choice, is an opportunity for someone to live his/her/their passion. For every relationship that didn’t work out, is another chance for love and friendship to bloom again.

Cliches exist because they do happen, and though the quote “for every dark cloud is a silver lining” , is so worn out and cheesy, we still say it or are relieved when we hear it. That’s because at the end of the day, we know that being a positive thinker is a possibility, and that with positive thinking, we win in life.


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