Help for Typhoon Trami/Maring Victims in the Philippines

Northern Philippines (Northern Luzon, nearer Southern Luzon and Metro Manila) were ravaged by floods brought by Typhoon Trami (international name)/Maring (Philippine name). It has again displaced many of our fellow Filipinos, and for this, help is needed. You may give help by donating via Ateneo DreaM Team, Kanlungan Pilipinas or the many other relief efforts conducted all over Metro Manila. Please visit this site or search using “#reliefph” on Facebook or Twitter to know more.


The Ateneo DReaM (Disaster Response and Management) Team is appealing for donations in cash and in kind on behalf of the victims affected by the typhoon Maring.


For monetary donations to cover expenses for the provision of emergency relief packs, hot meals, transportation of supplies, and other types of relief, please send your help through any of the following channels.

Donations in Philippine Pesos

Donations may be made via the Bills Payment Facility of the Bank of the Philippine Islands.  The process is as follows.

1.      Donor fills out one (1) copy of Deposit/Payment Slip. Tick “Payment”

2.      Write the following details

Account Number:                               Leave as blank

Depositor/Merchant Name:            Ateneo DREAM Team

Policy/Plan/Reference No.:              Donor’s Name

Policy/Plan Holder’s Name:             Donor’s Name

Payment Details:                                 Amount of Cash or Check

Total Payment Amount:                   Php ____________

Donations in foreign currency

Donations can be made via wire transfer from any country to AdMU’s US$ Account with CHINA BANKING CORPORATION, with the following details:

Beneficiary Bank:               803-3278-269

China Banking Corporation

Manila, Philippines

Swift Address:  CHBKPHMM

Beneficiary Customer:    Ateneo de Manila University

US$ Savings Account No. 101-732651-4

For donations via this channel, please fax to the Office of the Vice-President for Social Development at (632) 709-5406 the validated bank statement with the name of the donor and his/her email address, so that a receipt for the donation issued by the Ateneo de Manila University in equivalent Philippine pesos can be sent to the donor. Receipt of donation via wire transfer may be verified with Juliet Bautista,, telephone (632) 426-6001 local 4054.

NOTE:  Donations via this channel are those that would not require a certificate of donation for USA tax deductibility purposes.

Donations through the Philippine Jesuit Foundation

NOTE:  Donations made via this channel are fully deductible for US income tax purposes. Donations may, however, be made from anywhere in the world.  Moreover, for donations made toward disaster relief, the Philippine Jesuit Foundation waives 5% service fee.

For donations by check:  Payee is “Philippine Jesuit Foundation”

On the memo line, please write: For “Ateneo de Manila University for the account of DReaM Team”

Send or mail the check with the donor’s (1) full name, (2) email address, and (3) postal address to:

Ms. Margaret B. Llamas

Executive Director

Philippine Jesuit Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 312, New York, N.Y. 10028, U.S.A.    Tel (646) 370-1526

Please email Ms. Margaret B. Llamas <> to inform her that you have sent or mailed a check to the PJF.

Downloadable PJF Donation Forms are available at:

DONATIONS IN KIND (Preferred priority goods)

•     Medicine

•     Paracetamol

•     Drinking Water (5 Liters)

•     Food pack elements

•     Sardines (400g)

•     Corned beef (300g)

•     Canned fruits

•     Rice (1 Kg)

•     Hygiene pack elements

•     Bath soap and toothpaste

•     Laundry soap

•     Rolls of toilet paper

•     Sanitary napkins

•     10-liter pail

•     Others

•     Bath towels

•     Blankets (Double)

•     Flashlight with batteries

•     Medicated strips (10-pc. packs)

•     Trash bags (medium)

*canned goods preferably with easy-open tabs

*pail serves as family pack container and for other purposes in evacuation center

Thank you for your generosity in these difficult periods for our countrymen. For inquiries, please contact the Ateneo DReaM Team at (632) 426-6001 local 5904 and Dan Remo at (632) 917 537-2161.


Kanlungan Pilipinas is also doing its part in the relief drive. You may help by giving financial support or donate in kind or by volunteering:


Thank YOU for helping!


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