Singapore Trips

I’ve been to Singapore twice in less than a year. I’ve never visited any country in that short amount of time, so the memories of my first trip were fresh when I went there again this July. I enjoyed both trips, which consisted mostly of going around places loved by both tourists and locals and savoring their lovely cuisine.

I’ll start with photos of my three favorite places in the island-state: Chinatown, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, the Marina Bay Sands area and the CBD skyline.

Singapore’s Chinatown gave us a glimpse of old Singapore and as someone who grew up knowing more about history and the arts more than anything, it was a real treat for me to see the place.

2013SG 3 - CHNTown 2

You will see these beautiful buildings once you exit the Chinatown MRT Station.

2013SG 3 - CHNTown 1

The clear blue sky, red lanterns and souvenir stalls evoke Chinatown’s ever-lively character.

2013SG 3 - CHNTown 3

2013SG 3 - CHNTown 4

2013SG 3 - CHNTown 5

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It really is a sight to behold in the city.

2013SG 3 - CHNTown 6

This altar welcomed us on the first floor, right after the entrance.  It was just one of the many breathtaking Buddhist altars found all over the temple.

2013SG 3 - CHNTown 7

This part of the temple is the most magnificent of all. It took me a while to take a photo because I just stood there in awe and filled with so much emotion.

2013SG 3 - CHNTown 8

From the back of the temple, you could see signages for the different areas.

2013SG 3 - CHNTown 9

The rooftop garden

2013SG 3 - CHNTown 10

The Rotating Prayer Drum

I love seeing cityscapes, and Singapore’s CBD is no exception, especially with the Marina Bay Sands area nearby.

2013SG 7 - Marina Bay Sands and Makansutra 1

Beautiful lines crossing each other

2012SG 3 - Marina Bay Sands and the CBD 2

This was taken during my first trip to SG.

2013SG 7 - Marina Bay Sands and Makansutra 5

This was taken during my second trip to SG.

2012SG 3 - Marina Bay Sands and the CBD 6

Avalon Bar, a floating party place

2012SG 3 - Marina Bay Sands and the CBD 5

I’m not a big fan of the brand (maybe I’ll invest in their luggage someday), but just WOW. This is Louis Vuitton’s floating store.

2012SG 3 - Marina Bay Sands and the CBD 1

Well-preserved government buildings like the Customs House retains old Singapore beauty in the midst of the modern cityscape.

2012SG 3 - Marina Bay Sands and the CBD 3

2012SG 3 - Marina Bay Sands and the CBD 4

Now let’s move on to the famous Orchard Road. It’s not one of my fave places there, but it’s such a youthful and energetic place, that you couldn’t help but admire. Orchard Road is a fusion of consumerist culture and the independent arts. In other countries, these two aspects clash. In Singapore they mesh nicely.

2013SG 8 - Orchard Road 3

Orchard Road during daytime

2013SG 8 - Orchard Road 4

The famous Ion Orchard

2012SG 4 - Orchard Road 7

Orchard Road on a weekend night.

2012SG 4 - Orchard Road 9

2012SG 4 - Orchard Road 4

International Fashion Designer stores were everywhere. Prada, Tod’s..

2012SG 4 - Orchard Road 8

.. and Emporio Armani, among many others.

2012SG 4 - Orchard Road 1

An old uncle demonstrates his art.

2012SG 4 - Orchard Road 3

A group of cosplayers, donned in clothing from the fifties.

2012SG 4 - Orchard Road 5

Busking is cool here!

2012SG 4 - Orchard Road 2

During my first trip, a set of sculptures like this one was on display along Orchard Road.

Another great thing about Singapore is their food. Food is a large part of any culture, but what’s interesting is that Singaporean culture is largely defined by its cuisine and how they’ve created really great dishes with their limited resources.

2013SG 5 - Nanyang Tea House 3

Kaya Toast, Soft-Boiled Eggs and Kopi at Nanyang Old Coffee

2013SG 2 - Maxwell Hawker Place 2

Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Centre

2012SG 1 - Plaza Singapura Mos Burger

2013SG 6 - Takashimaya

Roasted Duck at Takashimaya Square

2013SG 7 - Marina Bay Sands and Makansutra 3

Chili Crab and Cereal Prawn in Makansutra

2012SG 2 - Lau Pa Sat 3

Chili Crab with Man Tao bread, Satay (chicken, beef and lamb) and fried rice at Lau Pa Sat

2013SG 7 - Marina Bay Sands and Makansutra 4

Sambal Kangkong and Fried Rice at Makansutra

Here are other places in Singapore which I visited with friends.

2013SG 4 - Little India 1

Little India

2012SG 2 - Lau Pa Sat

Lau Pa Sat

2012SG 5 - Esplanade 1


2012SG 6 - Merlion 1

The Merlion. There were TONS of people having their photos taken with the giant Merlion so we had to do with the baby Merlion.

The place where we stayed at deserves a very special mention. Matchbox The Concept Hostel, a cute quaint colorful place perfect for travelers.

2013SG 1 - Matchbox Hotel 7

The signage at the entrance.

2013SG 1 - Matchbox Hotel 6

At the lobby are colorful bean bags where you can sit and chat with the very nice, friendly and accommodating staff, and your friends and other guests.

2013SG 1 - Matchbox Hotel 1

This is how the pods/bed spaces look like.

2013SG 1 - Matchbox Hotel 8

The entrance to the common rec room located at the topmost floor has this sketchbook where you can write and scribble your messages to fellow and future guests and to the Matchbox staff.

2013SG 1 - Matchbox Hotel 3

The rec room has a sofa, a chair, a high table and chair set. It also has a massage chair, a widescreen television and DVDs (not seen in photo).

2013SG 1 - Matchbox Hotel 4

The rec room has books, board games and a guitar to keep guests entertained and relaxed.

2013SG 1 - Matchbox Hotel 5

A swing and bean bags provide additional ‘seating’.

Here is their address:

Matchbox The Concept Hostel
39 Ann Siang Road, Singapore, Singapore

Telephone: +65 64230237

So that’s it for my post on my Singapore trips! I thoroughly enjoyed my trips to Singapore and would love to visit that country again!


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