Keeping Yourself and Your Home Safe from Fires

Just a couple of hours ago, a fire broke out in a small residential compound near our place.  Thankfully the residents were able to escape quickly and bring out fire hazards such as LPG tanks. Fire brigades – both from volunteer groups and from the government were able to respond on time. No one got hurt.

Firetrucks at the scene, post-blaze.

Firetrucks at the scene, post-blaze.

I have seen fires occur from afar (in factories) and in nearby locations (in our and relatives’ neighborhoods). I’ve learned that fires can break out any time, and so it is important for all of us to exercise precautionary measures. Here are some things that you can do to keep your home safe from being razed:

  1. When going out, make sure everything most of the appliances and electronics are turned off or unplugged (save for the fridge). After unplugging everything, do the rounds and check if all outlets are plug-free.
  2. Look closely after what you are cooking or.  I think the same goes for your phone, tablet or laptop when they are charging. So many times have I heard of people leaving what they’re cooking unattended, only to find their whole home ablaze only a few minutes after.
  3. Display or place light fixtures, candles and appliances, electronics and plugs away from curtains or any fabric, as close contact between them may lead to something worse. I’ve heard of so many people having sad Christmases after their display lights caused fires that ate up their homes.
  4. Throw away old electronics and anything with faulty wiring.
  5. For current and future  homeowners, install circuit-breakers and have a firewall built beside your house. For those who will be renting spaces or are already renting in apartments, or for those who are considering buying a condominium unit, make sure that the place you intend to stay in or are staying in has circuit-breakers and firewalls. Take all possible safety precautions prior to settling in a nest.
  6. Store your important files inside banks or have them scanned and saved in cloud storage folders or in your e-mail account. This actually works for all emergency situations. I just thought of this because one of the people living in the recent house fire shared that he lost his laptop to it. I hope he had many of his files backed up somewhere online.
  7. Forest fires aren’t common in the Philippines. But just to be safe, don’t allow garden grass nor trees to dry up.
  8. Keep a bunch of fire station hotline numbers in your mobile phone directory, cloud storage folders (I’m such a fan :p) and wallet. Display these numbers at an accessible and visible place in your home. This would be helpful for you, your family and even your neighbors and friends.

That’s all I could think of now. Feel free to share your own ideas on keeping yourself and home safe from fires. Thanks for reading this post! Hope I was able to help.


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One response to “Keeping Yourself and Your Home Safe from Fires

  1. Very practical tips. I’ll reblog this on my parenting site as all parents would be interested in protecting their homes 😀


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