Room Cleaning and Storage Tips

Hi everyone!

As I’ve mentioned in my weekend post last Saturday (read it here), I will be sharing with you the storage tips I’ve learned throughout these years of cleaning and decluttering my room.

1. Keep things orderly but in such a way that is accessible and suitable to your routine.

It’s really nice to see neat stacks of books, clothes, and bags. But sometimes, we get so caught up in coding them per color or style, that we forget the most important thing: accessibility. We classify and arrange everything accordingly, only to have the order ruined by your routine! Strictly classify everything that you occasionally use, but keep those that you use at the top of piles or place them on hangers, like your school/office bag, uniform, etc.

2. Avoid stacking things into tall piles.

Place them in short piles or on shelves to save time when accessing them.

3. Repurpose, repurpose, REPURPOSE!

This is my favorite, because repurposing has helped me keep things clean and in place while conserving for the environment. Here are the things that I used for storage purposes:

  • Bed Linen Zipper Bags and Plastic Ice Bags – for storing Electronics
  • Plastic Shoe Boxes – for storing purses, clutches and shoulder bags
  • Old Lunch Boxes/Lunch Kits – for storing Toiletries, Cleaning Agents, Medicines and Sewing Materials
  • Multiple Clothes Hanger – for hanging belts

I also use old postcards as bookmarks and old letter/billing envelopes in storing important papers that are small in size.

4. Buy storage furniture that has glass panels.

Or you can install glass panels on existing furniture. Either way works in keeping your books, photo frames and other stuff, clean.

5. Don’t hoard unnecessary stuff.

Avoid thinking “I’m going to use this in the future” while deciding on what stays and what should go while putting your room in order, because chances are, they won’t be used unless you have a specific occasion or reason in mind for using them. And if you must keep certain things, put them to use as soon as you can!

6. If you have a wooden floorings, do old-fashioned cleaning.

I live in the Philippines, where carpeted floors are still rare, and open wooden spaces are abound inside houses. If you have a room like mine, I learned that it is still best cleaned with a full “walis tambo” (household phragmite brooms), dry rags and “bunot” (coconut husk). There is no way around this. If you live outside the Philippines but want to use a household phragmite broom or coconut husk for cleaning your wooden floors, you can get a hold of those through websites or Filipino friends/relatives (your connections with them go a long way for local purchases).

That’s all I have! Happy room cleaning and decluttering!


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One response to “Room Cleaning and Storage Tips

  1. cranstonholden

    I’m working on this now. To make a profit, which means everything I touch gets cleaner and better. Some people leave things in terrible condition (cars, restaurants, apartments, houses, desks etc) What a reputation. Everything that they touch gets dirty.

    I want everything I touch to get better!


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