The Wonders of Decluttering and Regular Room Cleaning

I perform general cleaning of my room, every three or six months. I’ve been doing this for years. Then I got sick of spending half a day to two days just cleaning my room, so I decided to perform some major hauls.

So at the beginning of 2013, I rearranged the furniture and got rid of so many unnecessary papers and clothes. I also would clean my room more often. Because of this, I just spend two to three hours cleaning and rearranging stuff in my room. In the process of cleaning my room today, I also found ways of arranging my bags in such a way that made choosing and getting bags easier. There is work to be done again for my clothes closet, but since it’s not as packed and messy as it was before, I can say that it won’t take me a half-day to fix it. Probably just a few hours also.

Major, or regular decluttering can do so much wonder, not just to the room, but to one’s thinking. A lot of times, people hoard stuff, thinking that they will be useful in the future. We think, “Oh, I’m going to use this” or “I’ll read these papers in the future”, but it doesn’t really happen because we stuff those clothes, papers and what-not at the back of our closet, dressers or home office table drawers. The only time we encounter them again is when we do cleaning again. And that’s when we remember we had them and forget why we kept them and end up tossing them away. But when you regularly declutter, you’d immediately know what you have and if they’ll ever be special or useful to you. It helps you prioritize. It keeps things simple. Most importantly, it keeps your environment healthier and a better place to actually relax in. I’m coming up with tips, and I’ll share them next time.

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