Public Perception and Neutrality

Two weeks ago, a man was arrested on charges of scamming Philippine generals.  Just yesterday, a man was arrested on charges of importing 8 kilograms of methamphetamine. What’s common about both of these men is that my guy and I have seen and interacted with them as they belonged to the same educational institutions we used to go to.

It’s pretty shocking to read up on news about someone you’ve known – either personally, by name or by face – being arrested for involvement in a crime. What’s sad is that they end up being on the news because of such incidents. Their guilt has yet to be proven but  unfortunately many people are already judging them. While perceptions may change as soon as trials commence and other facts come out, for now, many choose to castigate them. Many choose to not care about them as good people in school, to their friends and family or their right to fair trial because of what they have allegedly done.

Such is the misfortune of people who are perceived to be involved in crimes and other wrongdoing in society. To be viewed by the public negatively is inevitable. This is why some people are lynched on the streets and some people are being subject to trial by publicity. And this is why one must surround himself or herself with positive people and avoid tricky situations to prevent things like this from happening later on.

Neutrality will never be the norm so we must always be careful with our decisions and actions.

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