The Philippine K+12 Educational System (Part 1)

If there’s one thing that I’ve given my absolute support for in this current government, it’s this – the Philippine K+12 Educational System. Initial reactions from education technocrats to civic society organizations and finally the public, have been negative as there has been focus on how much it will impact parents and students financially and also on the lack of good facilities and quality instructors.

Before anything else, let me give a background on the details of the K+12. It’s a system designed for the primary, basic and secondary in both public and private schools, with one year (K) for primary which is currently voluntary, seven years (grades 1 – 6) for basic, four years (grades 7-10) for junior secondary school and three years (grades 11-12 ) for senior secondary school. It features an improved curriculum with focus on Filipino and Mother Languages in the first grade, depending on where the schools are located. Tech-Voc classes are also another feature, and they will be provided by TESDA. Lessons taught in general subjects in college will also be included.

What the K+12 aims is for better, more prepared students for tertiary education and work. It is a long-term investment. Students already receive the necessary knowledge as the system already includes tech-voc and comprehensive courses in English, Filipino, Science and Mathematics, even Physical Education. Tertiary education would be optional. Students can opt to work immediately or pursue studies in college or the university with more quality knowledge as tertiary education would be focused on major subjects. For those who choose to work immediately, they are deemed eligible as they have already received the comprehensive necessary knowledge in the general subjects. For those who opt to go to college or university, they are not only eligible, they are also free to learn only what they have to know via their majors.

What it aims for is a community of young citizens ready to take on whatever at the right age with the right mindsets. What will be spent by the government, the parents and the students will bring back greater returns – a wider set of useful stock knowledge, better jobs, better salaries and work ethic. Let me repeat, better jobs and better salaries. Again, better jobs and better salaries. For parents and students who are educating their children or are studying in the public school system reading this, think of this – you or your child can  knowledge that’s similar to that being offered in the private schools at much, much lower costs (because the government will be funding the schooling itself unlike in the private schools where you have to pay large tuition fees) and that will afford you a better professional life. To illustrate, a 12 year education inclusive of grade school, high school and college could afford someone a salesperson job in a department store. A 12 year education inclusive of grade school and high school could afford you the same job in a better setting, say as a salesperson/stylist in a high-end boutique. That saves a lot of money as no or less money would be spent for college. For parents and students who are educating their children or are studying in the private school system reading this, think of this – you’re just getting more worth for your money.

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